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Triadic Healing Part #2
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This is something I have struggled with for two years. 

There is an Order of Operations that is vital to success. You cannot skip a step. The Steps must be completed in the correct Order of Operations. 

In most (all?) cases, if you attempt to skip a step, you will encounter a Mental Block. 

If you read Subconscious Mind, you will know that that means, “You are not ready for that “level” yet and you need to go back down to your level and complete the required steps. 

But most people do not know this and so they push ahead, delaying their progress. 

When you learn how to “back track” and take “alternate routes” you learn to move much faster. Your Subconscious Mind, Intuition, and Identity will navigate you if you learn to Trust them and to get out of their way. 

“I want to make money!” will only manifest and come to you when you are ready. 

“I want the Love of my Life!” will only manifest after you have completed the appropriate steps. 

So instead, manifest, “Show me the next step toward my Dream!” And savor the process. Focus on the Current step, and relish each and every step! Time will enfold when Time is ready and you have stepped into the correct Perspective with which to do so.

“Show me the next step toward my Dream!”

Our Courses are 100% in the Correct Order of Operations. Do not let anyone tell you that “Everyone is different.” 

Think like a Chef. There is only ONE WAY to make a roux. This is  the BASIC Reverse Engineering of an Academic Discipline. 


And if your Intuition is telling you to go in a different direction, then do it! Your Intuition is always right first and foremost. ALWAYS!

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