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Triadic Healing Part #2
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Narcissists and Salesmen talk too much. They do this on purpose. To keep you from thinking. Both are trained to keep you on an emotional journey so you don’t think.

Thinking is your greatest defense against Scammers.

Once upon a Time… Networks were your Business Community PRIOR to doing Business. Now they are something a person builds ONLY when they want to sell. The biggest problem with scammers is that the Network Process was skipped. NEVER do business with anyone outside of your Network. Unethical Businesses will tell you differently (because their practices bypass the Vetting). Thing is EVERYTHING can be faked today. EVERYTHING CAN BE FAKED… Expect Genuine Connection. We live in a Fake World. Dirty Business/Sales removes the Network and vetting Process from the Sales Process, which makes Patrons more vulnerable (open) to being scammed. It’s prematurely giving trust to someone who has not been tested or vetted as trust worthy. For this reason, Networks were built to protect both Patron and Business owner. About 100 years ago, Networks were removed from Society and Narcissists have taken advantage. BUILD YOUR NETWORK. ONLY buy from people within your Network. And LOOK for Ethical Business Practices.

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