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Triadic Healing Part #2
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Your Business Starts to take shape the moment you have “The Spark” that says, “I want to own my own business!” 

You’re done. YOU are officially at The 5th Ethical Perspective. There is no going back. 

At the 4th Ethical Perspective, you are studying, “How to Build the Self-Laws and Boundaries I need to Self-Govern!” 

And the moment you figure it out, How to self-Govern, you will graduate to the 5th Ethical Perspective and instantly, NO ONE CAN TELL YOU WHAT TO DO! You will officially be your own boss.

There is not going back. The longer you are in the 9-5 at the 5th Ethical Perspective, the more painful it will become. At the 5th Ethical Perspective Stage, The Clock starts to tick. your days of the 9-5 are numbered.

At the 5th Perspective, you are studying, “How to Use my Self-Control to learn how to Control my Catalysts so that my Ripples don’t harm others!”


When you realize you want to be a Business Owner, we turn to The Self and The Story. Your Build A Business Dream requires a SOLID Foundation. Plan on 2 to 5 years. This will take preparation.


You cannot build a business until and unless you know who you are.  

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