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We “Broke The Code” on Business and teach the Psychology and the Why behind every action. And then we invent an Ethical alternative for doing things and Why.

You know, I believe this is the one place where this is no formula. 

There can’t be. 

If there was, it would not be genuine or authentic and that would make it just down right phony. 

And of everything in your Business, THIS CANNOT be Phony. THIS HAS to be REAL. 

1 – Be Direct

2 – Just Ask


I remember when I was studying Agent Letter Query writing for my books. The most effective Query Letter ever written was. 

“I wrote a book about X … Do you want to read it?” 

And that got a yes and the deal. People don’t have time to waste and a Direct “Just Ask” query communicates two things: 

  1. I am not trying to swindle you with Sales to cover up my Deceit

  2. This is what I’ve got. Do you want it? 

I am going to call this “The Adam Sandler” who shows up to the Oscars “As Is:” In a sweatshirt and jeans. And I believe, bottom line, that is honest and people respect that, and it wins them over more than anything else. 

  • Integrity. 

  • Ethics.

  • Honesty.

This is POWER that stands on its own feet. No Sales Necessary. And people who default to Sales, don’t have faith in Integrity, Ethics, or Honesty… which is why they talk around you instead of to you.

I think this is my real problem with Sales. People are way too dependent on it to get the job done. It’s too “formula.” Too strategic. Too manipulative… and everyone knows it. People know when they are being “persuaded.”

Oh, I hate persuasion. I need to unpack the Psychology behind that for you one day.

I have the Sales Formula. And whenever a salesman pitches to me, I literally “see” the formula in my mind and I walkthrough the formula, “checking” it off in my head as they go through the steps. SO FAKE. So phony.

And I never buy from fake and phony.

Never buy from fake or phony.

Because then how do you know what you’re getting is real?

I don’t know about you, but I value my resources so much more than that.

My biggest problem with sales is the time it wastes. I have one salesman right now, Brian. 

Brian calls me every week to try and sell to me his SEO services. I told him no already three times. The first time he called me RIGHT back after I ended the call to pitch me 50% off his offer. 

I said no. Two days later he called me back to try to sell to me AGAIN. 

The SEO is not what Brian is selling. I can get that anywhere. Google can teach me that for free. Brian is selling me Brian. And I am NOT buying Brian. Because Brian is low quality. And my resources are High Quality. That’s why my Quality is capitalized and Brian’s isn’t.

Sales swindles. 

Talk is cheap.

“Hey. I’ve got “Life : A Crash-Course” Masterclass on Tuesdays that teaches you “Everything you should have learned in life and didn’t” that runs for 12 weeks. It’s $1,020. Do you want in?”

The. End.

No abuse required. 

No tricks or fluff.

“But what about Building Value?”

You know why sales is dirty? Because it crams a relationship process into 5 minutes or less. You know who does that? Narcissists. Narcissists do that. They want to get your trust and FAST so they can Delude you before you figure out what they really are. Salesman. That is why they use Urgency. Strategically. To Confuse and Rush you so you don’t take time to think.

Because if you think you might figure out they they are preying on you.

Salesman use Narcissists tactics all the time. In fact, they’re identical. It was when I was studying the Psychology of Narcissism when I identified The Salesman.

Sit with that.

This… This is key… If you have to build Value for your Product, then you have missed the point. YOU are the Value. And if you are using your Offer to build Value, then you are pitching your offer too soon, and you don’t know a damn thing about business or sales.

Tony Robbins is the Value of Tony Robbins’ Pep Talks. … Did I just condense all of Tony Robbins into “A Pep Talk?” I can get a pep talk from my mother. I love my mother. But if I really want to be inspired, I’m going call up Tony Robbins. The Product does not hold the Value. The Brand has the Value.

If you are using your Offer to build Value, then you are pitching your offer too soon, and you don’t know a damn thing about business or sales.

You NEVER use your Product to build value. You use YOU and your reputation to Build Value. And that IS your Brand. YOU are the Value. Not your Product. Or… Your Brand IS the Product. Think about it. Brand = Product 

But… this kind of Business Style requires that you actually know who you are. This kind of Business Style knows that you are actually bringing YOU to the table. 

Now, in a 9-5 Sales Job where you don’t have an established relationship, and you don’t know where you’re going in life or who you are, or what you want to be when you grow up… I can see where Salesmen have to cram the Value into the Product and the Offer instead… but that is what you get when you take the Human out of Business… You end up doing business without a Network, which makes Resource Exchange 10x harder than it ever had to be. 

Cheat Sheets actually remove the part of the Process that makes the process Easy.

Yeah, this is a different way of thinking about The Offer. 

But this is what I have learned:

Salesmen Cheat The Process, by removing the Process to save time.

Ethical Entrepreneurs Relish and Preserve the Process. 

Salesmen have lost the Theory behind the Process because they removed the Process so they don’t know why they do what they do. “They just know it works” … until it doesn’t. And then they don’t know why.

Ethical Entrepreneurs Cherish the Theory behind the Process.

If you haven’t broken The Code to figure out the Theory, then you have to Cheat Sheet your way through the Process, which you’ve removed. Sales is “Selling without the Process.”

And when it comes to the Offer, only those who are phony and fake dress it up to be phony and fake. Only the Authentic present it Authentically. 

Its like the Salesman “doesn’t have the time to be Human” because they have too many sales to make. So they are going for quantity and not quality. And because the Patron is their Victim, they’ve dehumanized them by referring to them as “leads” just like Criminals do. Guilt-Free Preying. Criminal Forensics. 

Ethical Business is all about Quality and showing up “As I Am” and that IS the Value. So only the Ethical Entrepreneur can afford to drop the No BS Offer.

And… here is the other thing… I’ve done business with Billionaires at the top.

People at the top are at the top because they figured out that talk is cheap and it hides lies.

The Successful ones trust what is plain, simple, and direct. They know few words hold no lies. Talking deceives.

A lot of people “at the bottom” haven’t figured that out… which is why so many of these people are at the bottom.

Keep it simple.

Be Direct. Just Ask.

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