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The Teacher’s Journey
*Triadic Healing Part #2 : For The Cultivator
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“Teachers are just a Data Transmission Tool. The Student, Skill Doing In Application, and Mother Nature are the True Teacher.” – Anna Imagination

Theory (Watch the Video)

Application : Technique

Application : Practice In Doing

Discussion (Journey Into The Self For Members Only)



Karaoke, Public Speaking at Open Mic, Podcasting, Formal Argument and Debate, Theater and Stage, Storytelling

Master Level (90,000 Hours of )


  • Listening (7th Ethic)
  • Talking (8th Ethic)
  • Human Connection (9th Ethic)
  • Translation (Art)
  • Improvisation in Conversation (Oralstoria)
  • Improvisation in Story (Oralstoria)

Ethical Perspective: 7th, 8th, and 9th Ethic

Corresponding Academic Discipline (Order of Operations):

  • Communication
  • Power Economics
  • Music, Song, and Dance
  • Drawing, Painting, and Sculpting
  • Reading, Writing
  • Theater and Stage
  • Linguistics, Logic, Exploratory Dialogue
  • Logic and Mathematics
  • Physics
  • Public Speaking and Oralstorian Arts
  • Theater and Stage
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